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Be independent! - With a Heliotherm heat pump.

Choose a Heliotherm heat pump today. Who is an innovative international leading manufacturer in the field of renewable energy. Whether it is energy from air, water or geothermal - start with us into the future of heat pump technology!

Our heat pump products and your advantages:

Comfort is no longer merely a question of heating. Modern solutions go far beyond to meet these demands of heating and cooling, domestic hot water preparation, easy to use control system, reliability and environmental friendliness. And of course the low consumption costs.

Regardless of sky rocketing energy prices!

A Heliotherm heat pump lets you take the average rise of energy costs with ease.
Experience an economical and predictable future solution that only Heliotherm can offer.

First class advice from the start!

Heliotherm will not leave you standing alone in the rain. Neither before, during or after the purchase of your heat pump. Together with our exclusive competence partners who can offer custom installation solutions, including reliable after sales service.

Heliotherm news

PR - Warmth should be felt - not heard. - 03.12.2015
The Silent Source by Heliotherm, is the quietest heat pump system on the market.
Heliotherm`'s Basic Comfort Series – MCS certified
Heliotherm air to water and ground source heat pumps from the Basic Comfort Series received as well MCS certifcation
Heliotherm modulating heat pumps – MCS certified
Heliotherm’s Modulating Air to Water and Ground Source Heat Pumps recently received the MCS certification in the UK.
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