Our air source heat pump - compact design can be used anywhere!

An exceedingly easy way out of the fossil fuel trap costs in a predictable and budget-friendly independent way is through our air source heat pump in compact design. All you need is a dry, frost-free room and naturally the air you breath.

You can only gain from the air!

From the very beginning, the air source heat pump proves convincing with attractive friendly features. Its attractive purchase price, and the quick and simple to install direct system uses free energy from the air, turning it into comfort heat.

Our air source heat pump and your benefits

Technical sophistication is part of all Heliotherm heat pump products and the air source compact design heat pump does not fall short of this. For example, our patented remote maintenance technology; or the optional remote control technology, allowing you to operate your air source heat pump from anywhere in the world.

Choose the air heat pump that best fits you:

Premium Line Modulation
Modulating air source heat pump - Compact design with - heating capacity 3 to 12,9 kW kW – compact, simple and efficient.
Web Control High Efficiency Line
Air source heat pump compact design, Web Control Series - heating capacity 6,3 to 11,2 kW – comfort guaranteed.
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