Sunny days ahead with a ground source heat pump with brine probe.

There are many ways to capture the free stored energy from the sun in your new or renovated home. All it takes is a small garden and a Heliotherm ground source heat pump with brine probe. From now on the sun is an environmentally friendly and highly cost effective permanent source of energy that makes your home unique all year round.

Flexible for all demands

The secret of the brine heat pump is in the working medium. The antifreeze compound evaporates at very low temperatures and thus withdraws the solar stored energy Enjoy warmth on winter days and refreshing air in sweltering summer heat (cooling optional). Whether you have a space-saving, vertical brine probe system or a surface collector brine system, you will be a satisfied Heliotherm heat pump owner!

Our geothermal heat pump and your benefits

The technology leader Heliotherm scores high with flexibility and high efficiency as producer of the ground source brine probe heat pump with desireable standard features. Just think of our patented remote maintenance technology, or the remote control technology that allows you to operate your brine heat pump brine from anywhere in the world.

Choose the geothermal heat pump that best fits you:

Premium Line Modulation
Modulating ground source brine heat pump with - heating capacity kW 4 to 30,7 - flexibility on the entire series.
Web Control High Efficiency Line
Ground source heat pump with brine probe, Web Control Series - heating capacity 5,8 to 41,2 kW - a perfect combination.
Basic Comfort
Ground source heat pump with brine - Basic Comfort Series - heating capacity 6,6 to 16,4 kW - dependable and flexible!
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