Get free stored heat that is deep in the ground with a ground source CO2 probe heat pump.

Drilling for energy to be a green way to an energy independent future! Provided, of course, you want to win the free stored heat in your garden for heating. The Heliotherm ground source heat pump with CO2 probe makes it possible.

Full of energy and little consumption

Be a clever step ahead with the currently most intelligent form of geothermal heating while you beat rising energy prices. This unique CO2 system withdraws the heat from the surrounding ground by circulating independently in the probe without unnecessary electric consumption. Understanding that the use of CO2 is of no risk to the environment and therefore, our geothermal heat pump can be safely installed in drinking water protection areas.

Our geothermal heat pump and your benefits

The exceptionally higher efficiency, sustainable lower cost, low-maintenance operation and easy operating comfort are just a few of the many plus points of our ground source CO2 probe heat pump. For example, the heat pump can also be easily integrated into a solar system, or heat a swimming pool.

Choose the geothermal heat pump that best fits you:

Premium Line Modulation
CO2 probe modulating heat pump with - heating capacity kW 4,8 to 20,8 - patented technology and clear benefits.
Web Control High Efficiency Line
Geothermal heat pump with CO2 probe, Web Control Series - heating capacity 5,9 to 30,7 kW - your base for home comfort.
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