For every good reason! Make it a Heliotherm ground water heat pump.

Picking the perfect heating is a decision for your future. So the next years wont be a leap into cold water, we recommended a Heliotherm ground water heat pump. Take advantage of free and abundant energy that is hidden in the ground water beneath your land!

World Record for Efficiency

The facts according to COP are Heliotherm ground water heat pumps are the best in the world. In short: Our water pumps are at the forefront of efficiency. Amongst all things related, it has a positive financial effects for your wallet.

Our ground water heat pump and your benefits

The exceptional performance of a Heliotherm ground water heat pump also results out of its flexibility to water quality. In combination with a spiral or plate heat exchanger renders first performance even at less ground water quality. This is First Class heating and cooling.

Choose the ground water heat pump that best fits you:

Premium Line Modulation
Modulating ground water heat pump - heating capacity 5,2 to 41,7 kW - your wellness world record.
Web Control High Efficiency Line
Ground water heat pump, Web Control Series - heating capacity 7,4 to 56,5 kW - use the free energy in your existing ground water.
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