Heat from the ground, air and water

Heating your home with a heat pump in harmony with nature. Energy sources of geothermal, water and air are available in virtually unlimited quantities and suffer no harm by their use. Meaning, when comparing to heating with a heat pump vs. fossil fuels, it is not only long term economical but more environmentally sensible. The source of energy’s availability is dependably safer.

Geothermal energy as a heat source

Geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a heat source. The ground naturally stores heat as the ground temperatures are relatively constant throughout the year. This is where simple yet intelligent heat pump technology works through ground collectors or brine probes withdrawing the solar energy stored in the ground. This system is ideal whether using probes or collectors, also the garden landscaping remains undisturbed and attractive.

Ground collectors ...
... a large coil system is laid parallel to the surface at about 1,2 meters in depth. The spacing between the individual coils is approximately 60 cm.

Brine probes ...
... this system is usually used if the available land is too small for ground collectors. Brine probes are vertical ground heat exchangers that can be installed at a distance of at least five meters, so they do not affect each other.

Water as a heat source

A ground water heat pump uses ground water as a heat source. When tapping into this source it means, in comparison to the other two sources, a greater effort. This is because a pump well and a discharge well must be built. The distance between the two well holes should be at least 10 meters and the usable ground water layer no deeper than 15 meters below surface. As a reward for the greater effort, you will obtain best performance and COP factor in this system. Putting it concisely: a ground water heat pump works most efficiently.

Air as a heat source

Air heat pumps are the least costly to install. This system withdraws the air outside and uses it for heating. While the corresponding amount of air is passed unto an evaporator through a specific dimensioned fan which cools it down. This system is particularly suitable for renovations or for bivalent systems, meaning when the heat pump is running parallel with another secondary heating system. A modern and high quality heating system, such as the Heliotherm heat pump systems, are reliable in operation and are guaranteed in temperatures of up to -20 °C.

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