Heat pump system Stanglwirt - Press Release 02.10.2013


For the expansion of the wellness and thermal facility at the Hotel Stanglwirt, the heat pump pioneer Heliotherm developed together with its competence partner MECO Erdwärme, an energy concept which uses mountain water as a free energy source.

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During the expansion of the wellness facility at the 5 star Hotel Stanglwirt, attention was not only paid to creating an experience for the guest but also to a sustainably meeting of the energy demand through the use of local resources: resources which are in harmony with nature and were already available during the construction phase; indeed these resources almost "demanded" to be used. We are referring to mountain water from the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain which runs through the Kaiser Mountains and is then used by the Heliotherm heat pump as a free energy source.

Using mountain water from the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain

This water is full of energy. Approximately 57,000 litres of water come to the surface every hour (1.3 m litres/day) which contains geothermal heat and stored solar energy. The energy is extracted from this water by means of a Heliotherm heat pump system; the water cools down as a result and is then released to continue flowing. The clean environmental energy from the mountain water is directly fed into the new wellness facility, the brine pool and the sports pool.
Up to 500 kW/h can be generated here every hour without any local emissions whatsoever.
All the technology used for the expansion was adapted to this concept. All installed components were designed as a low temperature system in order to be able to cover as large an amount as possible of the energy demand with this environmentally-friendly heating technology.

Environmental effect

Heating output of 375 kW up to 500 kW (depending on temperature)
Replaces heating oil to the amount of approximately 115,000 litres/year
Avoids approximately 300,100 kg CO2 emissions caused by heating oil
Avoids approximately 97,000 mg fine dust emissions per year caused by heating oil

No local emissions

By using the mountain water from the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain, no local emissions result as a consequence of the supplying of energy. Therefore, this sustainable type of generating energy is not only in harmony with nature but also very much in harmony with the wellness idea of the guests who demand clean air.

Technical backgrounds

When viewed from a physical point of view, heat or energy is contained in everything that is above absolute zero (the absolute zero point is 0 K or -273.15 °C). This mountain water with a constant temperature of approx. +9.5 °C is therefore very warm in comparison and contains a lot of environmental energy. This energy can be used for heating purposes with the help of modern technology. A heat pump is required for this purpose which pumps the heat extracted from the mountain water into the wellness area. We use this kind of heat pump technology every day in the form of air-conditioning systems, refrigerators or freezers. The refrigerator pumps the heat from the inside to the outside while the Heliotherm heat pump extracts the heat from the mountain water and releases it into the wellness area.

The energy contained in the mountain water is regenerative, i.e. it renews itself, through the river, the water and the environment.

Electric energy is required to operate the system. Thanks to both the efficient design of the overall concept and of the high-efficiency heat pumps from Heliotherm, this percentage amounts to only a fraction of the energy provided. Sustainability also plays an important role when it comes to the electric energy used and this is procured from renewable sources.

Interview/answers Mr Hauser (Stanglwirt)

You've been operating your Heliotherm heat pump system for almost one season now. How satisfied are you so far?
Excellent, we are very satisfied. This system is perfectly in tune with the Stanglwirt concept and is resource-friendly. And this luxury is ecologically acceptable.

Would you choose this environmentally and resource-friendly technology again? If so, why?
YES, because it is perfectly in tune with the Stanglwirt concept as I have already said. The source is the origin of the Stanglwirt since 1609. There is an exceptionally large volume of groundwater available which is an excellent energy source. This massive volume plus the heat of the water from the Kaiser mountains allow for an extraordinary high efficiency factor of the Heliotherm heat pump systems in addition to numerous other advantages.

How did the work with the Heliotherm competence partner MECO Erdwärme go?
Very good, continues to work without any problems whatsoever!

Would you recommend the Heliotherm heat pump technology to other tourism companies?
I would recommend this Heliotherm heat pump technology to anybody.

Interview/answers Mr Bangheri (Heliotherm)

Regarding the Stanglwirt project, were there several providers or only you? If there were several providers, how did you manage to be awarded the contract?
Regarding the Stanglwirt project, several renowned heat pump manufacturers took part in the tendering process. The argument of our competence partner MECO Erdwärme finally convinced the owner that he will get the best price-performance ratio with our products.

Can you use this system as a reference for other/future projects?
The Hauser family has created a standard for the exclusive tourism with this system. Luckily, they are also willing to let the public know about it.

Which challenges did you face regarding this system and how did you find the solutions to these challenges?
One of the big challenges was the "very narrow time window" from the placement of the order to the commissioning of the system. Thanks to the optimum co-ordination between the manufacturer and the competence partner, the system could be created within a very short period.

Which personal message would you like to share with the industry?
Heat pumps established themselves in the area of one to two family homes and large-scale systems. The requirements of an investor mainly focus on a short payback period. However, durability and efficiency should not be lost and neglected amongst all these considerations. The argument supporting the required surplus investment for a highly efficient and permanent technology must still be made.

Information on the Stanglwirt
The hotel Stanglwirt is one of the best and most well known hotels not only in Austria but well beyond the country's borders as well. In particular, sustainability and the highest demands in terms of quality are defining characteristic for the Stanglwirt. From organic-based construction materials used in the hotel's structure through to the organic food that we serve, the high demands of our international guests are not only met but exceeded immeasurably.

About Heliotherm:
Heliotherm is one of the leading heat pump manufacturers in Europe. The company was founded by the managing director Andreas Bangheri in 1987 and is located in Langkampfen in the Austrian federal state of Tirol since 2007. Heliotherm currently has 85 employees and concentrates exclusively on the development and the production of heat pumps and has become one of the leading innovators in this field with several patents. The target market of the company is Europe where the company co-operates with currently 170 competence partners. So far, more than 30,000 heat pumps have been installed; 80 percent of which were exported abroad.

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FT: High-efficiency heat pump from Heliotherm in cascade. Energy source groundwater


FT: Heliotherm, THE heat pump company from Austria is one of the pioneers of the industry. Numerous patents and state-of-the-art technologies are developed in the company's very own innovation centre.

FT: Stanglwirt pool landscape with unique brine and sports swimming pools and an unobstructed view to the Kaiser Mountains.

FT: Founder, owner and managing director of Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik Ges.m.b.H. as well as pioneer of the heat pump industry.

FT: Balthasar Hauser - Stanglwirt.

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