Heliotherm Air Source Heat Pump Split Design - Press Information 04.07.2011


The market leader for energy efficiency: the air source heat pump in split design works unrivalled cost saving and effective. „The system is notably easy to install and works smoothly even with low outside temperatures and provides a feel good climate at home“, explains Heliotherm-founder Andreas Bangheri.

Outside-evaporator-AirSplit-BasicComfort-series.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB
Outside-evaporator-AirSplit-BasicComfort-series.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB
Outside-evaporator-Split-WebControl-series.jpg 72 dpi RGB
Outside-evaporator-Split-WebControl-series.jpg 72 dpi RGB

Air source heat pumps in split design use up to 70 % free and inexhaustible aero and environmental energy. Through the evaporator, made out of endurable aluminium, this energy is extracted. The circulating cooling agent is warmed, even when outside temperatures are low, and transported through freeze free a copper pipeline to the heat pump inside the building, which exchanges the produced energy with the heating water. The optimised ventilator technology, short and intelligent defrosting cycles ensure smooth operation.

The direct evaporating system makes the air source heat pump very reliable. By reversing the refrigeration cycle, the system can be used for cooling in summer. The facility can be installed in every building and without any drilling or does it require any special installation pre-approval permits. This design is particularly attractive or small premises. The marginal initial expenses and the unique high efficiency make environmentally sound and cost saving heating and cooling particularly appealing for the house builders or improvers.

Due to high annual coefficient performance results it is possible to receive the highest state and federal grants. The highest efficiency rates and low operating costs are achieved due to Heliotherm’s patented Heliotherm twin-x Technology and Heliotherm dsi-Technology.

Photos and captions:
Caption: Shapely and compact: the outside evaporator of the Web Control series, made out of endurable aluminium uses the ambient air as energy source.

Caption: The outside evaporator of the Basic Comfort series offers an attractive cost performance ratio.

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