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The signposts of nature clearly show in the direction of change. Architects, planners, installers, and heating technicians who are responding to the appeal are securing their future. With Heliotherm, the Austrian heat pump manufacturer pioneer, tomorrow’s heating technology is usable today and provides more energy independency and security.

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Heliotherm-Innovationcenter.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB

Regardless of being client or advisor, layman or expert, environmental activist or John Doe, people recognise the signs of time and are looking for energy sources that can be used in a sound and sustainable manner. Especially experts rely on quality, durability and excellent technologies. Then only highest “state of the art” guarantees a maximum of independence and security. “A promising solution is the combination of a heat pump with a photovoltaic system”, says Andreas Bangheri, founder of Heliotherm heat pumps: “Customers want:
1. to be energy independent,
2. the heating, cooling and hot water generation to be future oriented,
3. to achieve highest efficiency at lowest operating costs,
4. user-friendly operation and low maintenance,
5. to make use of inexhaustible environmental energy.
The combination of a heat pump Heliotherm modulation technique and a photovoltaic system is the ideal solution.”

All demands are met at the highest level
The electricity obtained through the photovoltaic system is used for the operation of the heat pump, which in turn provides energy efficient heating and cooling and the preparation of hot water. Through the full modulating heat pump system (heat pump, energy source and peripheral devices) energy costs are reduced by another 20 %. The operational costs are reduced to a minimum through an intelligent control technique and the high quality of the systems technology warrants a fractional amount of maintenance. The Heliotherm Modulation technique® makes the system most durable and consistent. Stepless modulation prevents the pump’s erratic starting (compared to conventional pumps with digital scroll technology) therefore it does not only preserve the life span of the heat pump but also considerably increases the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems.

Ease of operation, installation and fractional amount of maintenance
Not only the economical efficient operation, the marginal CO2 emission and the sophisticated technology argue for a Heliotherm system. Moreover, the ease of operation and the user-friendly interface as well as the patented remote maintenance tools from Heliotherm make the control and regulation of the heat pump a child’s play. “With our technology we meet all our customers’ needs and make people energy independent from global energy companies and controversial power plants”, notes Bangheri, and further: “such a system is a big step in the direction of energy self-sufficient living. The market is ready and customers eagerly demand future oriented solutions. More than ever sound advice, planning and implementation characterize expertise in new technologies and professional competence in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability. With our wide network of Heliotherm competence partners on site we can provide our partner, regardless whether planner or executive company, with consolidated knowledge and personally monitor the project with high quality services.

The best recommend the best
The market is thus ready for the independence of the individual – and this at an impressive high technical level. International testing institutes tag the Austrian company Heliotherm with the highest performance numbers in the sector and underline its high quality and functional reliability.

Highest grants and gradual integration are possible
Federal and state governments follow the signs of time and are setting clear marks. High annual coefficient performance results allow for application of maximum state and federal grants. Next to a complete conversion in one step, it is possible to gradual integrate a Heliotherm system as well. The wide network of Heliotherm competence partners guarantees the best personal advice on the site, smooth implementation and maintenance of the Heliotherm systems.

Photos and captions:
Caption: Energy independence creates a high-efficiency heat pump in conjunction with a photovoltaic system.

BU: On the roof of Heliotherm's innovation center there is a photovoltaic system.

Caption: Heliotherm Web Control series heat pumps work at the highest technical level for comfortable feeling at home.

Caption: the stepless modulation provides highest efficiency, cost reduction and long life span of the system.

Caption: Heliotherm, THE Austrian heat pump pioneer, and one of the leading manufacturers in the heat pump industry. Numerous international patent licenses and cutting edge technologies are developed at the in-house innovationcenter.

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