Heliotherm Ground Source Heat Pump with CO2 Heat Pipe - Press Information 07.03.2011


Exclusiveness, high-end technology and highest quality are characteristics of the Austrian heat pump pioneer Heliotherm. The patented technology is one-step ahead and proves sustainability at all levels: energy efficiency, environmental friendly heating and cooling.

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Heliotherm-Innovationcenter.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB

“To use geothermal energy intelligently in terms of cost reduction and environmentally sound operation means, achieving the highest efficiency, enable maintenance-free operation and lower operating costs,” says Heliotherm founder Andreas Bangheri. Ground source heat pumps with CO2 heat pipes are particularly suitable for new buildings, renovations and small premises. The closed circuit of the system guarantees a long lifespan and the highest operating safety. The environmentally sound CO2 working medium is self circulating and therefore you save the electricity costs by excluding an energy source pump. No additional heating element is needed; hence there are no hidden energy costs.

Whisper quiet operation due to the special geometric 3-times sound coupling proportion design, reduces sound emission. The CO2 heat pipe is compact and environmentally sound. The use of CO2 as a working medium is absolutely harmless and can be used in water protection areas.

Supported by Heliotherm’s web control regulator for cascade application, swimming pool heating, the integration of a solar system or remote maintenance and control of the quality system are possible.

The international seal of approval for tested quality, stability of the system and the high efficiency provide sustainability. Due to the high annual performance factor result, it is possible to receive the highest grants from state and federal government.

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Caption: Heliotherm Web series heat pumps work at the highest technical level for comfortable feeling at home.

Caption: Heliotherm, THE Austrian heat pump pioneer, and one of the leading manufacturers in the heat pump industry. Numerous international patent licenses and cutting edge technologies are developed at the in-house innovationcenter.

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