Heliotherm Sepemo - Press Release 25.10.2012


The Heliotherm heat pump holds an average annual coefficient performance of 7,29, after undergoing the EU SEPEMO Project long-term test, resulting by a wide margin as the winner.

sepemo-heliotherm.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB
sepemo-heliotherm.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB

The conditions for this long-term test were both realistic as demanding. The task was to heat a 200 m2 area single family home in Upper Austria from May 2011 to April 2012. A direct evaporating heat pump was installed in 2003 as well as under floor and wall heating as distribution systems. The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) took part as an impartial surveyor of this test, who concluded that the Heliotherm heat pump renders the best value by far with an annual coefficient performance factor of 7,29.

Economical and trouble-free
The AIT certified Heliotherm not only with an "unusually high ACOP", but also with a notable interference-trouble free testing period during observation. "This is a wonderful acknowledgment of our strategy, which does not only limit us to observing laboratory values, but also on the results of everyday use. Thereby, reliability and efficiency in practice are exactly what the end user is mostly interested in," is what Heliotherm CEO Andreas Bangheri sees confirmed by the SEPEMO project. SEPEMO stands for "Seasonal Performance factor and Monitoring” for heat pump systems in the building sector." This EU project aims to spread the heat pump technology, supported by meaningful data information material and to continue doing so in the market despite market barriers.

Consequent development
The renewed proof of technological leadership by Heliotherm is partly the result of years of research and development. As well as the logical consequence of high quality and efficiency standards that Heliotherm has imposed on itself. This technology leadership is of course also due to the Competence Partner collaboration with highly qualified expert partners, who consult the customers on site, plan and are exclusively install Heliotherm heat pumps.

About Heliotherm:
Heliotherm is a leading heat pump manufacturer in Europe. The company was founded in 1987 by CEO Andreas Bangheri and has been based in Langkampfen, Tirol Austria since 2007. Currently having 65 employees, Heliotherm focuses exclusively on the development and production of high efficiency heat pumps. Numerous patents prove Heliotherm to a leading innovative manufacturer position. The company's market target is Europe, where it has already an established Competence Partner Network of 140 members. So far more than 25,000 heat pumps have been installed and the export quota is about 75 percent.

Photos and captions:
Caption: In this low-energy house with 200 m2 area heated area, long term test results prove that the Heliotherm heat pump stands far more efficient by international standards.

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