Heliotherm Stepless Modulation - Press Information 01.03.2011


Performing pioneer work is a specialty of the Austrian heat pump manufacturer Heliotherm: The Heliotherm modulation technology® with stepless modulation is one of the top quality products connecting maximum home comfort, with energy efficiency and cost reduction.

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Modulation-Functionality.jpg Download 72 dpi RGB
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Not only energy efficiency and product liability but also long life span, cost reduction and flexible usage of the system, positions Heliotherm at the forefront of the heat pump manufacturers in Europe. Innovations in the field of technology and user friendliness of the systems provide Heliotherm with a cutting edge.

Already in 1994 the Tyrolean company Heliotherm brought the first modulating heat pump onto the market. Stepless modulation prevents the pump’s erratic starting (compared to conventional pumps with digital scroll technology) therefore it does not only preserve the life span of the heat pump but also considerably increases the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. Not only the economical efficient operation, the marginal CO2-emission and the sophisticated technology argue for a Heliotherm system. “Moreover, high annual coefficient performance results allow for application of maximum state and federal grants. The modulating heating circulation pump ensures up to 20 % less energy costs. The rotation of the system is adjusted automatically and therefore uses less electric power on warmer days for heat recovery”, explains Heliotherm’s founder Andreas Bangheri.

All year round the intelligent system with integrated regulating control technology provides maximum home comfort with balanced climatized room temperatures, easily and individual adjustable to meet the customers needs.

Heliotherm has been nominated for the Austrian Award for environment technology and has been awarded with the „Hansjörg-Jäger Zukunftspreis 2007“ for technological advancement.

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Caption: The stepless modulation provides highest efficiency, cost reduction and long life span of the system.

Caption: Heliotherm, THE Austrian heat pump pioneer, and one of the leading manufacturers in the heat pump industry. Numerous international patent licenses and cutting edge technologies are developed at the in-house innovationcenter.

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