Technical Special Features

dsi-technology: electronic working fluid:
Compared to the conventional mechanical regulating working fluid equipment in conventional heat pumps, the Heliotherm dsi-technology regulates and controls the refrigeration cycle electronically.

twin-x optimizes refrigerant:
The patented twin-x technology recovers from the refrigerant cycle unused energy through a special designed second heat exchanger. The resulting generated energy is delivered directly to the heating water. This Heliotherm developed process contributes to an even better use of the free environment energy.

No heating element required and no hidden costs:
You can rely that your Heliotherm competence partner will calculate and correctly dimension your heat pump system. Also the Heliotherm special efficient energy saving electronically smart start-up features waive the need for any additional heating element.

Heliotherm heat pumps have obtained the best possible energy efficiency labels. Lowest operating costs and maximum environmental friendliness is our standard of living technology. The energy efficiency class range is given on a scale of ++ = very high to -- = less efficient.

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