Absorber Building element

Arbeitszahl Leistungszahl einer Wärmepumpe

Betriebskosten Operating costs

Brine Sole liquid

Buffer storage Storage of heating water

CO2 Carbon dioxide

CO2 heat exchanger Energy output

Compressor Compressor

COP Coefficient of performance

D-A-CH seal of approval Heat pump seal of approval

Direkt expansion Process for absorbing heat energy

dsi-technology Electronic regulated working fluid

Efficiency Efficiency of the heat pump

Evaporator Heat exchanger of a heat pump

Fresh hot water technology Hygienic type of water heating

Ground collector Refrigeration copper pipe

Ground probe Ground probe

Heat exchanger Heat exchanger

Heat pump Heater

Heating costs Total of all costs incurred

Heizkosten Heizkosten

Performance specifications Performance specifications

Refrigerant Low boiling temperature point substance

Seasonal performance factor SPF

Surface heating Installed pipelines