The Principle of the Heat Pump

How the heat pump works!

Heat pumps make you independent. Consider the availability of fossil fuels, as well as incalculable increasing energy prices. Along with deep temperatures that prevail during the winter season. Providing, that the heat pump is as reliable and efficient as the heat pump technology leader Heliotherm; all heat pumps work basically the same way.

Like a refrigerator - only reversed

A heat pump functions basically like a refrigerator just the other way round. The principle is quite simple: Heat is withdrawn from one natural heat source such as, geothermal heat, water or air and is used for a heating. A heat pump heating system always consists of three different components:

  • heat source system
  • heat pump
  • heat distribution and storage system

The heat output is follows at best a low-temperature heating, such as floor heating or wall heating.

A few steps bring warmth!


The refrigerant transports the heat

In the closed heat pump circuit heat is transferred and transported by the refrigerant.

You may wonder where the real heat gain takes place which is so typical for heat pumps? - The answer is simple: in the evaporator!

The refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator
Evaporator brings the liquid refrigerant even at low temperatures to a boil, evaporating and stores the gained energy.

The refrigerant is no longer liquid, but in gas form.
What happens now?

Under pressure, the gas becomes hot
The refrigerant volume is reduced in the compressor downstream where the pressure is increased and hence also the refrigerant’s temperature.

The hot refrigerant then flows on to the condenser, or heat exchanger in which the environmental gained heat is transferred to the heating system.

Refrigerant cools and regains heat
The refrigerant has now cooled down. After temperature and pressure loss it can again pass through the expansion valve, taking up new heat from the environment.

So the cycle begins all over again.
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