HELIOTHERM - Your Way To Independence.

The rising costs of energy can leave you standing out in the rain! It doesn't have to be this way when you can choose 'maximum living comfort' without compromise! A Heliotherm heat pump system can divert you to experience maximum performance in a heating system with minimal effort for renewable energy. Whether the source is air, water or geothermal heat, Heliotherm heat pumps convince with higher quality and design.


Efficiency and sustainability 

True aspirations for a modern heat pump system go far beyond just heating. A complete heating concept solution is presented in a Heliotherm heat pump system. This system not only offers sanitary hot water preparation, optional cooling but also an intelligent integration of photovoltaic modules. Working together in this heat pump system is a high resolution touch control display which gives you convenient worldwide access to your Heliotherm Connected Energy System.

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Ihr Weg in die Unabhängigkeit mit Heliotherm!


Ground heat pump

Ground heat pump

A ground heat pump uses the free stored heat energy from the ground. The use of a ground heat pump can be carried out in two different ways: one way is by extracting heat from the ground using ground collectors, second by means of ground probes. The most suitable energy source is determined by the building's heat energy demand, the size of property, geological conditions and the resident's expectancy.

Groundwater heat pump

Groundwater heat pump

Groundwater heat pumps draw the energy directly from a groundwater source. The ground water is a very effective source of heat, since it carries a constant temperature between 8 °C and 12 °C all year round. By law a prerequisite for a ground water heat pump installation is a water right authorization. Groundwater heat pumps are also suitable for smaller sites because both wells (water supply wells and dry-drain wells) require little installation space.

Air heat pump

Air heat pump

Air heat pumps use the free ambient air as a regenerative energy source and can be applied almost everywhere. The development and installation costs are low and independent from the location. Two different variants are available for the air heat pump: air split heat pumps (the heat pump is in the interior, outdoor evaporation in the outdoor area) eg, the Air heat pump in Compact Design (heat pump = outdoor unit).


New Building: Residence in Germany
Bensheim, Germany
585,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Neubau Sea Breeze Nieuwpoort
New Building: Multi-Family Complex in Belgium
Nieuwpoort Sea Breeze, Belgien
9060,56 kWh Total (20% WW + 80% HKR)
Heat Pump Installation St. Anton, Austria
St. Anton, Tyrol, Austria
4.000,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Upgrade Congress Center Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria
Thüngersheim, Germany
- Annual heating costs without DHW: 6,150 kWh of electricity consumption - Annual heating costs with DHW: 9,270 kWh of electricity consumption
New Building: Residence in Austria
Bad Goisern, Austria
ca. 550,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Obertraun, Austria
ca. 400,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Arnreit, Oberösterreich, Austria
871,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Upgrade Wellness Hotel Stanglwirt, Austria
Going am Wilden Kaiser, Tyrol, Austria
New Construction: Residential Homes in Austria
Münster, Tirol, Austria
300,- EUR
Annual heating costs
(Domestic hot water costs included)
Renovation: Residence in Austria
Bad Ischl


Due to the high annual performance reached (SCOP) by the Heliotherm heat pump; maximum federal, state, municipal and utility company's subsidies can be claimed. Please note: Subsidy programs vary in each region and country.