Heliotherm is a Technology Leader in Europe.

Numerous international patents and awards document our leading position in the heat pump field. As we consider customer satisfaction as the highest and most important award. We continue to look forward, together with more than 180 distributing partners.


Our invitation is to all who want to get out the unforeseeable world of fossil fuels: Move into Independence! - with a Heliotherm heat pump.

Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik in Langkampfen
Schulung der Heliotherm Kompetenzpartner
In der Produktion werden pro Jahr ca. 4.000 Wärmepumpen gefertigt.
Wärmepumpen Dauerbelastungsprüfstand bei Heliotherm
Auf dem Prüfstand testen wir unsere Wärmepumpen vor Auslieferung!
Founded by owner and CEO Andreas Bangheri
Presentation of the 1st modulating heat pump
Development of remote monitoring
World's first internet heat pump via Web Control 321
Presentation of a fully-modulating heat pump
New Opening of Heliotherm Heat Pump Competence Center in Langkampfen, Tyrol AUSTRIA
Heliotherm Research and Development Center founded and extension of production area building
Certification according to EN ISO 9001: 2008
MCS certification
System Integration of Photovoltaics
Introduction of new Sensor product line
Introduction of the digital and web-based controller webcontrolAT
Keymark Certification


Standortagentur Tirol - Cluster Renewable Energies

The promotion agency Tirol is an institution with the legal mandate to sustainably strengthen the economic and scientific location of Tyrol; thereby securing existing jobs and creating new ones. The cluster initiatives are co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

EHPA - European Heat Pump Association

EHPA represents the interests of the European heat pump industry on an international level. Heat pumps contribute to the achievement of European climate protection targets and are already standard solutions in Sweden and Switzerland.

Initiative energy efficiency heat pump

This initiative creates regulations for the definition and implementation of an energy efficiency label for heat pumps. The energy efficiency class of the model is given by a scale from ++ (very efficient) to -- (less efficient).


klima:aktiv is the initiative launched by the Lebensministerium (Ministry of Life) for active climate protection and part of the Austrian climate strategy launched in 2004. The aim is the rapid and broad market introduction of climate-friendly technologies and services.

Environmental Arena

The environmental arena makes sustainability possible and explains ideas and technologies from different sectors and areas of everyday life. Visitors can explore the combined knowledge, compare and grasp solutions and draw a concrete benefit from everyday life.

Heat Pumps Marketplace NRW

The marketplace works towards increasing the popularity of the heat pump and the geothermal study provides potential consumers with planning assurance when they want to use their garden as a source of ground energy.

BWP - Federal Heat Pump Association Germany

The BWP represents the interests of the entire heat pump industry. The focus of the BWP is the improvement of general conditions, PR and public relations regarding heat pumps, networking and exchange at specialist events, quality assurance and heat pump certification; the Seal of Quality, drilling companies and heat pump installers.

KlimaHaus Agency

The KlimaHaus Agency is an institution of the Italian Province of Bolzano for the energy certification of buildings as well as for education and training for all involved in construction. The agency has certified over 5,000 buildings and organized courses for more than 22,000 planners. The Agency is also organizing initiatives to raise public awareness of energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change. The KlimaHaus agency sensitizes, informs and promotes transparency to further energy-efficient and sustainable construction.

Austrian Heat Pumps Association (WPA)

The Association Wärmepumpe Austria (WPA), exists since 2012, covers the industry's entire value chain. Its main tasks include the unification and strengthening of the industry, the creation of a better framework for heat pumps and the quality assurance of the entire heat pump system.

Heat Pump Association Switzerland

The Swiss Heat Pump Association (FWS) comprises all the important organizations and groupings of the Swiss heat pump sector. The key objectives of FWS include, the promotion of heat pumps, the improvement of the basic conditions for the use of heat pumps, as well as the information of important decision-makers (builders, installers, architects, energy consultants, etc.)

Fair Energy Partner

The Fair Energy Partners are committed to the responsibility to the use of energy: Sustainable technologies and high quality standards offer potential for optimization for households and farms as well as for industry, industry and municipal facilities. And this potential is achieved by means of modern, contemporary solutions: because we perceive this to be fair to future generations.


We increasingly support young athletes and regional clubs in the Kufstein area. Whether it is soccer, racing, handicapped athletes or children with disabilities - we are happy to promote them to make a valuable contribution in our society. 

Amongst these successful athletes and as brand ambassador with Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik GmbH is the successful Austrian and international sled racer Reinhard Egger with his manager Tobias Schiegl.


You are welcome to send us your sponsoring request.

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