Heliotherm Air Heat Pumps

Air Heat Pump Split Design

A Heliotherm space saver heat pump with an innovative design in your home!

Comfort Compact Heat Pump

The advantageous air heat pump without the indoor unit! All you need for this very cost-effective model is a small garden!

Proven technology at best price

The principle of electric cooling with air heat pumps has been known for decades; however mostly used in reverse conditions. The heat extracted from the air is compressed and then fed to the heating circuit. Excluding other means to heat, this system is price attractive for excellent performance.

In addition to the attractive purchase price and lower installation costs make this energy production investment with an air heat pump worthwhile. These aero systems quickly reach a sufficient energy independence from external central heat suppliers and save energy costs for many years ahead. A few facts of how the air heat pump averts unstable energy prices:


The general advantages of an air heat pump in compact design:

  • Flow of all processes in one unit
  • Problem-free heating operation even at lowest winter outdoor temperatures
  • Can be used in most buildings
  • Space saving installation
  • Very quiet operation
  • High operation reliability, safety and long operating life

The advantages of a split type air heat pump:

  • Splitting the functions into one indoor unit and one outdoor unit
  • Larger dimensioning with little space requirement in the house
  • The heat output is carried out in the house - no pipeline loss
  • No frost protection required
  • No noise in living area - can be used everywhere
  • High operation reliability, safety and long operating life
  • Safety features
  • Innovative aesthetic & efficient design