Heliotherm Ground Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pump with surface collector

Do you have a relatively large garden area? You are able to draw the greatest advantages from this cost-effective and maintenance-free geothermal technology!

Natural Technology heat pump

Certainly, the smallest garden can become a source of energy! The ground source heat pump with a surface collector system is a profitable concept where a generous plot of land is available, having cost-effective operating costs and little maintenance.

Brine heat pump

The Heliotherm brine heat pump enables the use of surface collectors and brine probe.

Why are ground heat pumps sensible?

Heliotherm offers you the complete and latest state of art geothermal technology. Intelligent control systems and control technology, which automatically adapt to changing conditions, Additional power savings and home living comfort all year-round with warm temperatures when it is cold outside and pleasantly cool in hot summer days.

The advantages of our geothermal heat pumps are convincing:  

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Efficient flexible systems mean additional cost savings
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Longer life due to soft starter principle

The Heliotherm control is up to date with everyday smart technology. The control allows you to regulate your heat pump heating system from anywhere in the world via internet. Having this control at your fingertips is an efficient way of lowering costs, when you are not at home! Likewise, your competence partner can assist you through remote maintenance via our Heliotherm Tele Control System. The Heliotherm ground source heat pump will supply you with efficient long term heating. Sustainable savings, home living comfort and environmental protection alike!



Heliotherm ground heat pumps with surface collector and the direct evaporating system are among the most favorable and efficient heat pump technology. The excellent price / performance ratio results from the relatively low investment costs (for example, omitting drilling costs) at a comparatively high output of up to an ACOP of 4. For this application a larger ground area is required, since surface collectors are laid horizontally at a depth of 80 to 120 cm. The performance compensation compared to geothermal heat pumps with ground probes is achieved through the larger surface area. If less space is available or if other performance values ​​are required, the Heliotherm geothermal heat pump with brine probe is an option. These systems feature exceptionally high efficiency, low operating costs, low maintenance and are easy to operate. Heliotherm ground heat pumps are flexible: the system can also be easily integrated into a solar system or used to heat a swimming pool.