Sensor Solid M
Your advantages
  • Wider performance range - the fully modulating system ensures optimum energy supply also in buildings with increased heat demand
  • Reliable and almost maintenance-free operation with innovative scroll compressors
  • Quiet and low-vibration operation by means of a sound-optimized device design
The ideal complement
  • Fresh water system for water heating
  • Hot water storage tank
The Heliotherm Plus
  • Best in Class: World's most efficient heat pump technology > Maximum subsidies from state and federal sources
  • Quality "Made in Austria", development and production in Tyrol
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Significant lower operating costs due to smart patented and registered refrigerant cycle operations (twin-x technology, dsi-technology)
  • Worldwide heat pump remote control access via internet
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Sensor Solid M
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Quality criteria

EHPA Seal of Approval
SG Ready
Quality Label ISO Certification
Energy Label

Quality assurance for heat pumps: The heat pump quality seal was introduced by the EHPA in 2009 to create uniform measurable standards in Europe, according to which the quality of the product and service can be assessed. The award in Austria is carried out by the national quality seal commission of Austria under the chairmanship of Prof. Hermann Halozan / Graz University of Technology. Other members of the national commission are made up of experts from the Vorarlberg Energy Institute, the Tyrolean Hydropower Plant as well as representatives of the board Wärmepumpe Austria Association and a representative of the Austrian testing institute (AIT: Austrian Institute of Technology).

The SG Ready label is awarded to heat pump products that make it possible to integrate the individual heat pump control technology into an intelligent power grid.

Quality management systems are the leading modern management tools per se. Based on the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard applied worldwide which enable companies to systematically design their conduct in such a way that the customer requirements are met. Meaning, the customer receives his product or the service exactly as he ordered it. A satisfied customer remains faithful to the supplier. The independent and external certification center ALL-CERT found that Heliotherm fulfills and complies with customer requirements.

The EU Energy Label, already known to other electrical appliances (refrigerator, lighting, etc.), has been mandatory since September 26, 2015 for space heating appliances and therefore also for heat pumps. The efficiency of heating and / or hot water systems is now better comparable. As a consumer, you benefit from a faster decision-making process with regard to an efficient product. The advantage of the heat pumps is clear, as a rule they reach the highest efficiency classes of A ++ & A +++. Class A is only physically attainable for gas or oil boilers.

The high annual performance factors (SPF) are reached by Heliotherm heat pumps, obtaining maximum subsidies and grants from the federal, municipal or utility companies. Subsidy awards vary from country and region to region.

Technical Specifications Heliotherm Heat Pumps

dsi Technology®: electronic working fluid regulation

By contrast, a conventional mechanical working fluid control, to a heat pump with the electronically controlled working fluid regulating device, patented dsi Technology® in the refrigeration cycle. This mechanism masters the difference in this cutting edge technology for higher efficiency. Additionally, more parameters can be taken into account and the expansion valve can respond faster to changes, adapting to the required operating conditions.

twin-x cooling optimization

Thanks to the patented twin-x cooling technology® exclusively by Heliotherm, unused energy can be extracted from the refrigeration circuit through a second special heat exchanger. The gained energy is delivered directly to the heating water. This process engineered by Heliotherm, contributes to an even better use of environmental energy.

Stepless modulation

Since 1994 Heliotherm is a pioneer in construction and development of heat pumps. Modulation is part of this company's Stepping Stones of research and development of modulation and is therefore the technology leader in this application. Heliotherm's stepless modulation technology has been proven for many years by its reliability and efficiency. The Heliotherm modulation technology opens up entirely new possibilities for the application of highly efficient heat pumps. As needed by the heating demand, the modulating heat pump can achieve the desired performance. In addition, the heat pump is protected by a soft start up conduct and its lifespan is prolonged.

Stepless modulation Heliotherm video