System Components

Outdoor air evaporator

The new Heliotherm outdoor air evaporator: is Heat you can feel - not hear! Heliotherm's silent evaporator is installed outdoors and is certainly one of the most efficient of its kind. Whether you have a refurbishment or new building project, the outdoor air evaporator saves space and is easy to install.


Progress does not accept compromises, but explores and exceeds the limits of what is possible. The vision of combining photovoltaics with the most advanced heat pump is the future, which is a reality today. Heliotherm heat pumps use directly the photovoltaic generated electricity to produce heating and cooling.

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Comfort, energy saving, simple to use, distributed intelligence, security, and all in one system network. The communication module enables intelligent PV connectivity and extensive functional of the Web Control enhancements which structures the existing software applications in a new portal.