Annual COP Annual COP

Annual heating costs Annual heating costs

Brine Brine solution

Buffer storage heating water storage

CO2 Carbon dioxide

CO2 heat exchanger Energy output

Compressor Compressor

COP Coefficient of performance

D-A-CH seal of approval Heat pump seal of approval

Direct Evaporation heat energy absorption

dsi-technology electronic regulating system ©

Efficiency heat pump efficiency

Fresh hot water technology Hygienic type of water heating

Ground probe Ground probe

Heat exchanger heat pump domestic hot water heat pump

Heat pump Heat pump / heating unit

Heat Pump co-efficient of performance COP

Heat pump evaporator heat exchanger

Heating costs Heating costs

Operating costs Operating costs

Performance data Performance data

Radiant panel heating Radiant panel heating

Refrigerant with lower boiling temperature

Surface Absorber collector Heat pump accessory element

Surface collector refrigerant cooper tube